Dandong Machine Hermetically Research Institute is a professional manufacturer & exporter specialzing in Mechanical Seals.

   Our company & factory was established in 1997 and located in Dandong city,Liaoning province which is the biggest border city in China,and besides the Yalu River which is famous for it's boundary river between China and North Korea. Taking the advantage of geography superiority for logistics service we have facilitated transportations and communications.

   Our products featured by Mechanical Seals, Pump seals, esp. welded metal bellow mechanical seal. We can manufacture the mechanical seal according to your drawing.

   Our products are mainly used in High-Temperature, High-Pressure, High-speed, Corrosion, rough working conditions widely applied in petrochemical, power, paper, pharmacy, water, sewage, automobile, etc. industries.

   With superior equipment, experienced engineers & technicians, ISO 9001 quality management systems, cheap materials resourcing and flow line production, we ensure you lower prices, superior quality and faster delivery.

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